About Art Souq

In an arena of myriad expressions, we at ‘Art Souq’ elevate your individualized choice of expression to an exquisitely aesthetic level through tailor made art-solutions

It provides a portal for manifesting your unique self through vintage, modern or contemporary art at an unimaginably competitive price and surprisingly short lead time

Our mission is to leave an impression of your soulful identity on each significant other in your premises

Be it in homes, offices, hotels or commercial properties, Art Souq caters to your distinct needs through a contingent of artistically-proven professionals with over 10 years experience in design, production and installation

We create, produce and install artworks; our raw materials are industry best, and withstand ageing.
With an established network of international art suppliers, galleries, printers, art-consultants and an ever calibrated process, our competitive edge is at its finest display.

Art Souq will produce according to client’s specific needs, whether it is a one of a kind original or an exclusive print.

In line with Art Souq’s mantra of providing “individual pieces of expression” our artworks will perfectly suit the surrounding in which they are placed to give that area uniqueness.